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If you can't adopt then foster, if you can't foster then volunteer, if you can't volunteer then donate 


Everyone can make a difference, no matter how big or small


If you are considering adoption, please take the time to meet our dogs available for adoption and research the breed that will best fit your lifestyle and family.

Step 1: Decide on one of our lovable dogs, and fill out an application (Online form can be found under adoptions)
Step 2: Once an application has been received, you will be able to set up a visit with the dog
Step 3: 24-48 hours, you will receive notice if/when your application is approved
Step 4: Visit your potential pet and sign a Adoption Contract

Pick up your new pet and live happily ever after!


When our animals arrive, whether that be locally or internationally, they are placed in the loving homes of fosters. Fostering is a rewarding and challenging task. These dogs deserve your love and attention, and always find that special place in your heart. The most rewarding part of fostering is watching your foster walk out the door (tail wagging) headed for their new life. 

Responsibilities of the foster:

  • House training

  • Socialization with pets, other animals, and children

  • Transporting foster to veterinarian appointments if necessary 

  • Attending weekend adoption events

  • Providing food, water and exercise daily 


We value our volunteers and are always in need of more help.
Positions Available:
Transport Team 
If this is something of interest please contact us for more information. 



As our adoption fees do not always cover our costs entirely, we rely on the compassion and generosity of dog lovers to continue our vitally important work. Each small donation brings home a dog in need. 100% of monetary donation go towards transport and medical costs.

We also need donations of the following items:

  • blankets/sheets (baby receiving blankets)

  • towels

  • collars

  • leashes

  • puppy pads

  • bowls

  • food

  • kennels

  • other small dog supplies (clothes, toys, etc)


Please consider donating these much needed items. Items can be dropped off at any adoption event

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