Adult Dogs

The dogs featured on this page are currently available for adoption and are ages 1-6 years.

live, laugh, bark
They call me : Papito

Predicted Breed: Chihuahua mix.
Sex: Neutered male.
Approximate Age: 1 year
Weight: 10 Lbs.
Rescued from: Los Cabos, Mexico
Likes: cuddles with his fosters, resident dogs, quiet home, comfy dog bed, chew toys, sunbathing in the back yard
Dislikes: New people in his home
Ideal Home: Detached, Quiet home with minimal visitors, adult only recommended (or dog savvy older children).
Energy Level: Energy level is medium he can be active or just hanging on the couch, loves to burn energy chasing his squeaky toys
Experience with Kids: kids are not recommended
Experience with cats: Did well when foster was away with dog savvy older child in the home
Medical Needs: nothing noted
Training Needs: Papito is fearful of new people inside of his home. Barking, growling and protective of his things. Will need a slow introduction to new people and to warm up at his own pace, can take multiple visits. Will Resource guard his toys, treats, etc with strangers, however once he knows you, he is ok with you touching his things. Initially marked 2x when moving into his foster home and 1x when at a temporary foster, but otherwise housetrained. Did not mark when new dogs were brought into the home. Knows sit and working on other obedience. Walks on leash. Working on “leave it” when over excited passing dogs. When less excited does well with meeting new dogs when out walking. Sleeps all night in his crate.

Knows sit, Crate trained, Marks indoors, Barks indoors, Barks outdoors, Shy, Fearful, Protective, Walks on leash

Due to Papito's insecurities, we will only consider applications of potential adopters who have another dog in the home.

Condo,Apartments will NOT be considered for Papito due to his barking indoors.

From Papito's Foster: 

Papito is a lovely addition to the home after he has settled into his new environment. He loves to cuddle and always be around his people. Sleeps in his crate overnight and learning what playing with toys and the resident dogs in all about. A few accidents in the home but for the most part does his business outside. He is initially fearful and insecure, new situations are stressful for him. He needs time to warm up to new people and is then the sweetest cuddle bug. He would be a wonderful addition to a quiet home that is willing to give him the time and stability to come out of his shell.

My heart has melted into a
poodle on the floor
They call me : Blackie

Predicted Breed: Poodle mix.
Sex: Neutered male.
Approximate Age: 3 year
Weight: 14 Lbs.
Rescued from: California
Likes: Blackie really enjoys being close to his people, loves kisses, cuddles and play time.
Dislikes: Blackie can be a bit timid around men
Ideal Home: Blackie loves attention and to be close to his people. Ideally you would be home often or would take him with you when you leave. He seems to be okay left in the house though. He is quiet and rarely barks - usually only when he hears another dog barking close by. Blackie would love a family that is active and can take him on lots of adventures.

Recommended children over 12 because he loves to jump on people and this will need to be worked on in the adopters home.

Attached home, Detached home, Condo, Family with kids home, Active home, Left alone 2-4 hrs only
Energy Level: High
Experience with Kids: recommend only Children over 12 yrs
Experience with cats: unknown
Medical Needs: nothing noted
Training Needs: Blackie is very excitable and jumps up on me quite a bit (doesn't seem like an issue with other people). He doesn't walk in a straight line on leash but is already getting better at it - just seems like he is not used to being on leash. He also has not gone pee/poop while on any of our walks but will go in the backyard as soon as we get home from walks. He has not had a single accident in my house. No aggression at all - he is the sweetest pup who is full of love.
Blackie does have some nervousness when meeting men. A proper introduction is necessary, and this will need to be worked on in the adopters home. He is not aggressive just very timid when meeting men.

Knows sit, House broken, Needs basic training

From Blackie's Foster: 

Blackie is the SWEETEST pup and any family would be so lucky to have him. He loves his people and just wants to be close to them. He loves to play and needs some basic training, but he seems to learn quick. He is super friendly and is great with dogs and older kids.

You can't change a rescue dog's past,
but you can rewrite their future
They call me : Max #3

Predicted Breed: Chihuahua mix.
Sex: Neutered male.
Approximate Age: 4 years
Weight: 6 Lbs.
Rescued from: California
Likes: Snuggles - Max bonds quickly to his people and does not like to be far away from them. If you're looking for a little fella that loves to be on your lap or by your side this little fellas your guy!
Toys - Max REALLY likes to fetch his favorite Monkey and keeps it close to him. He's a vocal player and sounds quite aggressive when having a play with other pups or toys which is initially alarming given is size so this may take a little getting use to :-)
Dislikes: Cats - He likes to chase them and not in a kind way (kitty's taste yummy)
Being Scolded - will need gentle guidance and discipline (I'z gets scared when your voice changes so please be patient and kind)
Large Dogs - he does well with proper introduction but is fearful of them initially given his size and breed (they'z big and I'm little so I'z need to be sure they are also going to be kind to me)
Ideal Home: Max would thrive in a adult only home or a home with older children. He is good with children but doesn't prefer to be picked up and carried around by them. A family who is home often, that is relaxed but active would best suite this little guys temperament. Most of the day Max will simply sleep in his bed or on your lap and he does quite enjoy his 2x day walks. He is great in most circumstances and has been to parks, festivals and on car rides and has done well in all environments.
Attached home, Detached home, Condo, Senior home, Quiet home, Left alone 2-4 hrs only
Because Max could be a potential flight risk we are only accepting applications from adopters with fenced yards.
Energy Level: Low
Experience with Kids: Yes
Experience with cats: not recommended to be around cats
Medical Needs: Max has skipping leg syndrome in both his back knees however this does not impact his day to day life or walks as he walks the same duration as our med sized pup.
Training Needs: Max is house trained but will need to be taken outside regularly. Max would also benefit from basic training and dog to dog greetings.
Food - Max loves food and treats although he can be a little picky at times. He does have food aggression when it comes to Bully Sticks and bones and this will need to be managed going forward.
Max does have some leash reactivity while on walks and is mostly towards large breed dogs. Adopters should be prepared to work on this.

House broken, Needs basic training, Food aggression, Crate trained, Prey drive, Nippy, Protective, Walks on leash

From Max's Foster: 

Max is a sweet little guy who just can't get enough love and kisses. He is very low key and does well in calm quiet environments. Max spends his days close to his person, rolling on the grass, playing with toys and enjoying two walks daily.

I'm mutts about this pup
They call me : Pucca

Predicted Breed: Chihuahua mix.
Sex: Spayed female
Approximate Age: 3 years
Weight: 15 Lbs.
Rescued from: Los Cabos, Mexico
Likes: Pucca enjoys her walks and runs, she is food motivated.
Dislikes: Larger male dogs

Ideal Home: Pucca would be most happy in an active home as she has a bit of energy to burn. She does bark at dogs and people walking by the home therefore we recommend she is adopted into a home without shared walls. She is fine with children and men. She has not had any exposure to cats.

Detached home, Family with kids home, Active home, Left alone 2-4 hrs only
Energy Level: Medium/high.
Experience with Kids: Yes
Experience with cats: unknown
Medical Needs: None
Training Needs: Pucca needs basic training as she doesn't have much training yet in commands such as sit or stay. She is doing good with her house training. Pucca does require a proper introduction to other dogs but once introduced properly she loves to play. She can be nervous around larger male dogs.

House broken, Needs basic training, Barks indoors, Barks outdoors

From Pucca's Foster: 

Pucca is a lovely girl that adores everyone. She likes to play with other dogs, once she gets to know them. Super friendly. Pucca would love a family that is active and will take her for lots of adventures.  Will you be the one she gets to shower with love?