Adult Dogs

The dogs featured on this page are currently available for adoption and are ages 1-6 years.

They call me: Peach

Predicted Breed: Chihuahua mix. 
Sex: Spayed female. 
Approximate Age: 5 yrs.
Weight: 10 Lbs.
Rescued from: California. 
Likes: Snuggling, car rides, sniffing, snuffle matts.

Dislikes: Strangers in the house until she sees the person a few times.
Ideal Home: A quieter household. Someone home parts of the day or full time. No young children. Can be another small respectful dog. Peach's can be reactive towards them and will bark at them in the house. She would do best with a female owner or potentially a couple.
Energy Level: Low.
Experience with Kids: Unknown.
Experience with cats: Yes, ok.
Medical Needs: None at this time.
Training Needs: Peach will need to continually be worked with to help her gain confidence and not regress in her training. She does need to learn basic commands so she consistently knows what they mean. She needs to adjust to newcomers into the home and this will take some to and patience.

From Peach's Foster: 

Peach is a little sweetie. She is well behaved in the home and does know some basic commands although not consistently. She is fully house trained. But I do leave a pee pad out and she only uses it on occasion overnight. She has learned to walk well on a leash but is still timid coming across other people or dogs. She has improved tremendously but will still need to be worked with so she does not revert back to her old ways. She is quiet in the house unless the doorbell rings or she sees someone outside. She snuggles up at night beside you and is quite content. She gets so excited to go for a car ride so will be a great companion on those short errands. She is so sweet and ģentle. And the foster kittens really like her.

They call me: Phoebe

Predicted Breed: Shepard mix.
Sex: Spayed Female. 
Approximate Age: 2 years.
Weight: 25 kg.
Rescued from: Born in care. 
Likes: Toys, running in the backyard, long walks, or runs. She loves playing with other dogs a d really enjoys being with the family.

Dislikes: When she is left out of activities.
Ideal Home: She likes kids, but when excited can nip or jump. With reminders and consistency, she is well behaved. She is energetic outside, but also indoors. She loves to play, do tricks, and be active. She is crate trained and her previous owner said she would be great in agility or some sort of sport. She is very smart.
Energy Level: High. 
Experience with Kids: Yes, see notes above. 
Experience with cats: Unknown.
Medical Needs: None at this time.
Training Needs: Consistency with no Jump when she is excited. Needs walking practice as she does pull. She knows basic commands, sits and stays before eating, is crate trained and house trained. She stays off the furniture and sleeps in her dog bed at night. She barks with doorbells/knocking or when she hears someone. She whines when the family leaves or is in a room she is not.

From Phoebe's Foster: 

Phoebe is a wonderful dog who makes a great companion. She gets attached to her people quickly. Her previous owner took her to off-leash parks and she comes to her name very well. She loves being active and would make a great running partner or walking buddy. She loves my dog and they play for hours in the backyard and in the house. She is a very fast learner and will be an excellent dog. She LOVES my 6 and 9-year-old daughters but becomes over-excited and can be nippy with them. She is a fast learner though and she is learning that she gets attention when she sits and not when she nips.
She is very friendly though and never mean. She takes treats gently and sits and waits patiently for food. Phoebe really is a wonderful dog.

They call me: Queso. 

Predicted Breed
Sex: Spayed Female.
Approximate Age: 5 years. 
Weight: 40 lbs.
Rescued from
Likes: Squeaky toys, treats, going for walks, plastic chew bones, playing fetch, playing tug-of-war, food, running, lying in the sun, having her fur brushed, playing with other dogs, practicing new skills.

Dislikes: Having her collar taken off and on, being lunged or grabbed at by strangers, having cold paws (booties help).
Ideal Home: Previous experience with dogs and training by positive reinforcement is a must. Queso is not likely to be a good fit for inexperienced dog owners. Someone who is patient enough to work with her when she overexcited and in dealing with anxiety. 

Queso is a very active dog! She would do best in an active home where there are lots of opportunities for her to go for walks etc.  She also really enjoys just being involved in whatever you are doing, car rides, running errands with you, spending time outside and going to visit others’ homes.
Queso has experience with children of all ages and tends to do well with them most of the time, however, she can be reactive around younger children so a family with older children or teens would be best. 
Queso gets along with well other medium/ big dogs, so a playmate would be great. She doesn't get along with small dogs well. 
Energy Level: High. 
Experience with Kids: Yes, better with older children. 
Experience with cats: Unknown.
Medical Needs: Queso has a seizure disorder, however, it is well managed with twice daily medication, so they rarely occur. She has a suppository that can be given to her if the seizures last more than a couple minutes, but it is unknown if this will ever happen. She also needs blood work every six months to monitor the medication she is on and is on a special diet. 
Training Needs: Queso is house-trained, crate-trained, clicker-trainer and knows a lot of basic commands. She is food motivated, very smart and learns quickly. 

Queso needs ongoing training and support on her leash skills. She sometimes pulls while on a leash, especially if she sees a squirrel or bird, and may bark at other people, such as people who surprise her. Queso is a fast learner and aims to please, so once she gets used to walking with you and your expectations, through practicing with treats and distractions, any issues become minimal.
She is also currently working on staying sitting and calm when putting on her leash + harness, and responding to ‘drop it/ leave it’ always, not just when she feels like it.

From Queso's Foster: 

Queso is such a sweet dog and really tries to do well; a dog that really values her connections with her people and loves attention. She will follow you around like a shadow, usually bringing a selection of toys along with her. 
Queso can be shy with new people but can warm up very quickly, tall men in particular and quite happy to make friends with new people. 

She barks in the backyard if another dog walks past, and sometimes at neighbours, but other than that is a quiet one at home.
In my opinion, Queso has the potential to be a good dog to do agility training with, especially if there is a young person in the home wanting to get into it. She is great at running and jumping, plus is a fast and keen learner that loves a challenge.
Queso has a had a rough life so far, but is still a wonderful dog despite it all, and is hoping to find a loving ‘furever’ home this time around, a home that is willing to work with her, love her and support her no matter what.

They call me: Twilight

Predicted Breed: Shepard mix.
Sex: Spayed female. 
Approximate Age: 1 year. 
Weight: 60 Lbs.
Rescued from: Saskatchewan reservation community.
Likes: Humans, dogs, attention, cuddles, and love.

Dislikes: Loud noises - acts unsure and timid.
Ideal Home: She would do well in a variety of homes, however, a house with a secure/fully fenced backyard for her to run around would is a must. She is great on walks and does enjoy those too.
Energy Level: Medium.
Experience with Kids: Yes, ok. 
Experience with cats: Unknown.
Medical Needs: None at this time.
Training Needs: Twilight is a very clever dog and picks up very quickly on what is needed from her. We are currently working on her patiently sitting down to receive love and not getting too excited. She's made tremendous progress in just over a week. There is just a little bit of puppy biting still left in her (she might gently chew on your hand if you let her) but we're working on that too and she's been fantastic and not using her mouth. She's extremely smart and eager to please so anyone willing to put in a little time and effort into her training will reap huge rewards.
She has mild separation anxiety (might whine if you leave the room) Once she settles down and knows her space, it seems to go away with time. Again, she's made huge progress in that department in our house already. Only took her a couple of days to figure out that she's in a safe environment and no one is leaving her for good.
We are home all of the time so I am not sure how she would do alone for 8+ hours. But her previous foster let her roam free and they had no issues.

From Twilight's Foster: 

Twilight is a wonderful dog - highly trainable, loving, trusting, very responsive, fully house trained, not destructive, very clever, and just wants a human to love. She loves attention, cuddles, belly rubs, and any type of love a human can give her. Her previous foster has children and she did extremely well in their home. She is a very happy-go-lucky girl and is good with pretty much anything. She has started to express interest in dog toys (don't think she knew what they were before), she is discovering new chews that she loves (bully sticks), and figuring out food puzzle toys. She has been introduced to a Kong Wobbler two days ago and is now ready for a new puzzle toy. Twilight is very gentle taking food and treats. she is not a barker but will "talk" back if she's very excited (will make little noises). It's adorable. She also has a "smiley" face - it always looks like she is smiling :) She has a good amount of energy but we've found that she can burn it off by herself if she feels like it. We've seen her playing with the toys herself and running around after them. It is very cute to watch. Any family would be lucky to have her!

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