Adult Dogs

The dogs featured on this page are currently available for adoption and are ages 1-6 years.

They call me: Hazel

Predicted Breed
Sex: Spayed female. 
Approximate Age: 3 years. 
Weight: 20 Lbs. 
Rescued from: California. 
Likes: Scavenging, exploring, walks, food & fuzzy blankets.

Dislikes: Hazel dislikes strangers ( dogs or people in her space), being interrupted when she's tired/resting. She can be protective of her toys/bones.
Ideal Home: I think her ideal home would be one with calm adults, where she has a routine and goes for regular walks/can be outside frequently.
Energy Level: Active. 
Experience with Kids: Not recommended.
Experience with cats: Unknown.
Medical Needs: Hazel takes anxiety medication every morning. 
Training Needs: She requires some socializing both with new people and other dogs. when people come to the house we keep her in another room until she is calm ( stops barking) and the guest is settled. Then we bring her out on a leash and allow her to sniff the new person. As long as she remains calm the new person tosses her a treat to gain her trust. If she is in a mood and on her bed we stay out of that space until she comes to us.

From Hazel's Foster: 

Hazel is a very sweet dog once she is comfortable and gets to know you. She still has times where she is unsure about being pet and will show teeth and growl to let you know but then whine when you back off. She loves to hunt for "food" and has taken over multiple soft blankets in the house.
Hazel also enjoys a game of tug o war and prefers "keep away" rather than fetch.

They call me: Koda

Predicted Breed: Husky mix. 
Sex: Spayed Female. 
Approximate Age: 1 year. 
Weight: 50 Lbs. 
Rescued from: Saskatchewan.
Likes: Walks, playing fetch & being loved on.

Dislikes: Being leashed.
Ideal Home: Active people with lots of outdoor space.
Energy Level: High. 
Experience with Kids: Yes, okay.
Experience with cats: Yes, Okay.
Medical Needs: None at this time.
Training Needs: Needs more leash training and socialization. She knows to sit. Has some separation anxiety, Prey drive and can be Protective and destructive at times but with guidance and given things that are ok to chew, this too should sort itself out.  

***The Ideal home must be actively committed to training and have owned or worked with medium to large breed dogs in the past and have a fenced backyard. 

From Koda's Foster: 

Koda is beautifully tempered, gentle, and loveable. She loves to be outdoors and is very sociable with other animals she meets at the park. She likes to do her business on morning and evening walks. She loves to chase the ball and returns it every time. She is very agreeable and is protective of her people. Koda has her own mind and would benefit from someone with experience who can train her on recall and other basics.

They call me: Medio 

Predicted Breed: Terrier mix.
Sex: Neutered male. 
Approximate Age: 3 years. 
Weight: Approx 15 Lbs. 
Rescued from: California.  
Likes: He likes his Buddy Hansel. 

Dislikes: He still terrified of people he doesn't know. He is hesitant about being touched or approached.
Ideal Home: He would benefit from having another doggo sibling to keep him company and show him the ropes. As well as a quieter home. 
Energy Level: Very timid especially around people.
Experience with Kids: Unknown.
Experience with cats: Unknown.
Medical Needs: None at this time.
Training Needs: Medio has been pretty good doing his business when I take him out first thing in the morning. Still can not take him for a walk as he doesn't walk on a leash if you try walking him. On the fourth day, he did 5 steps walking on a leash which was a big achievement.

From Medio's Foster: 

Medio is very timid around people but never shown any aggression. He is a very sweet boy, just nervous and terrified of humans. He's been getting lots of cuddles from us and he seems to love cuddles. The first day we got him, he wouldn't come out of the crate and hide if we tried to approach him. He is showing interest in playing with my other foster dog and Bella, lots of tail wagging. Having another dog helped bring him out of his shell. Another dog as a companion would help him adjust. I tried putting him alone in the crate and he was howling and crying. It stopped a soon as we moved him to Hansel's crate. On the fourth day, he actively showed he wanted to engage. Let him come to you and don't push him. You need to have a lot of patience training Medio to trust people again. Give him time and let him do it at his pace and Medio can be your fur-ever loyal friend.