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Adult Dogs

The dogs featured on this page are currently available for adoption and are ages 1-6 years.

Can you believe I have been waiting for a full year now for my fur-ever family. I am such a good boy and have made so much progress. I just need a family to give me a chance
They call me : Papito

Predicted Breed: Chihuahua mix.
Sex: Neutered male.
Approximate Age: 1 year
Weight: 10 Lbs.
Rescued from: Los Cabos, Mexico
Likes: cuddles with his fosters, resident dogs, quiet home, comfy dog bed, chew toys, sunbathing in the back yard
Dislikes: New people in his home
Ideal Home: Detached, Quiet home with minimal visitors, adult only recommended (or dog savvy older children).
Energy Level: Energy level is medium he can be active or just hanging on the couch, loves to burn energy chasing his squeaky toys
Experience with Kids: kids are not recommended
Experience with cats: Did well when foster was away with dog savvy older child in the home
Medical Needs: Papito recently had his lympth nodes drained and tested for cancer. The results showed no cancer however the vet advised that this is something that should be monitored for possible future care.
Training Needs: Papito is fearful of new people inside of his home. Barking, growling and protective of his things. Will need a slow introduction to new people and to warm up at his own pace, can take multiple visits. Will Resource guard his toys, treats, etc with strangers, however once he knows you, he is ok with you touching his things. Initially marked 2x when moving into his foster home and 1x when at a temporary foster, but otherwise housetrained. Did not mark when new dogs were brought into the home. Knows sit and working on other obedience. Walks on leash. Working on “leave it” when over excited passing dogs. When less excited does well with meeting new dogs when out walking. Sleeps all night in his crate.

Knows sit, Crate trained, Marks indoors, Barks indoors, Barks outdoors, Shy, Fearful, Protective, Walks on leash

Due to Papito's insecurities, we will only consider applications of potential adopters who have another dog in the home.  He is not suitable for apartments or condos as he does have a tendency to bark.  Only adopters within Calgary will be considered.

From Papito's Foster: 

Papito is a lovely addition to the home after he has settled into his new environment. He loves to cuddle and always be around his people. Sleeps in his crate overnight and learning what playing with toys and the resident dogs in all about. A few accidents in the home but for the most part does his business outside. He is initially fearful and insecure, new situations are stressful for him. He needs time to warm up to new people and is then the sweetest cuddle bug. He would be a wonderful addition to a quiet home that is willing to give him the time and stability to come out of his shell.

I woof spending time with you
They call me : Buddy

Predicted Breed: Chihuahua mix.
Sex: Neutered male.
Approximate Age: 1 year
Weight: 10 Lbs.
Rescued from: Los Cabos, Mexico
Likes: People, cuddles, playing, exploring outdoors
Dislikes: Loud noises
Ideal Home: Buddy's ideal home would be a family that is active and will take him on adventures, he does bark indoors so we do not recommend attached housing for him. He would do best in a home that is quiet so we do not recommend younger children.

Detached home, Quiet home, Active home, Left alone 2-4 hrs only
Energy Level: High
Experience with Kids: Yes, recommend only Children over 12 yrs
Experience with cats: unknown
Medical Needs: Buddy is schedule for a neuter in March.
Training Needs: Buddy will require basic training as he is still young but he is eager to learn. He is doing well with his house training. He does have a bit of separation anxiety that looks like digging and trying to escape the kennel but does settle after about 15 minutes.
Buddy is a bit nervous with loud noises, adopters should be prepared to work on confidence building with him.

House broken, Needs basic training, Separation anxiety, Crate trained, Barks indoors, Barks outdoors, Chews, Excitement Reactivity

From Buddy's Foster: 

Buddy is a lovely dog, he is still quite young so he is active and loves to explore. He enjoys playing and snuggling with his humans. He is friendly to everyone he meets. He would excel in a home with lots of people to give him attention. He has been such a joy to have around and he will make a family very happy to become part of the pack.

I may not be your whole life,
but I will make your life whole.
They call me : Casey

Predicted Breed: Chihuahua mix.
Sex: soon to be Neutered male.
Approximate Age: 1 year
Weight: 26 Lbs.
Rescued from: California
Likes: Mostly being with his person. Very motivated by pets and cuddles, somewhat motivated by food. So far has ignored toys completely. Loves to give kisses and following you around the house. Such a sweet dog.
Dislikes: Loud noises, unexpected movement, etc scare him, but I think as his confidence grows, he will likely settle and it won't as scary for him
Ideal Home: Casey would do best in a home with predictability. He does fine when left alone but would benefit from a family that could spend a good amount of time with him everyday. Casey would benefit from another dog in the home as he seems to look to them for confidence building. We do not recommend children under 12 years as loud noises tend to scare him.

Attached home, Detached home, Condo, Senior home, Quiet home, Left alone 2-4 hrs only
Energy Level: Low
Experience with Kids: recommend only Children over 12 yrs
Experience with cats: Yes
Medical Needs: Casey is scheduled to be neutered April 21
Training Needs: Casey may eventually be okay being alone for a whole day but we are still working on his potty training. He is doing well but does have nervous pees when he is startled. Casey would benefit from adopters that are patient and will work on his confidence as currently he is nervous of new situations and on walks. He is slowly making progress. Casey is motivated by love and cuddles and sometimes food and he is eager to please you.
Currently we are working on jumping and basic training.
Casey will require a slow and proper greeting when meeting new people. His reaction is to cower and run away when nervous.

Knows sit, Needs basic training, Crate trained, Fearful, Walks on leash

From Casey's Foster: 

Casey is the most lovable dog, all he wants to do is be with his people all day. He loves to learn and is eager to please. Even though he lacks confidence he is so affectionate and is getting more and more brave everyday. Casey is like a flower that has yet to bloom and he just needs someone to shower him with love and affection and you will see him come to life!
Are you my forever family???

Life's not ruff when you're around
They call me : Chiko

Predicted Breed: chihuahua mix.
Sex: neutered male
Approximate Age: 3 years
Weight: 18 Lbs.
Rescued from: California
Likes: Walks (unless it's really cold outside), treats, belly rubs, snuggles, tug of war, chews, watching out the window to patrol the neighborhood, finding sunny patches to lay in and playing in the backyard
Dislikes: Having his naps disturbed, being alone, and loud noises
Ideal Home: Chikos ideal home would be a dedicated family with fenced yard. He would also love a home without other dogs.
Chiko loves to go on walks so a family that will dedicate time everyday to take him out to explore would be great.
Due to Chiko's insecurities, we will not accept applications from adopters with children or dogs in the home.

Attached home, Detached home, Quiet home, Left alone during work 8+ hrs
Energy Level: Medium
Experience with Kids: not recommended
Experience with cats: unknown
Medical Needs: None
Training Needs: Chiko will need a patient family willing to work on his confidence building. Chiko can react when he is in a situation where he feels threatened. We feel that he will make great progress with a family once he has learned to trust them.
He is currently working on basic commands and proper leash walking. He does have some leash reactivity but is making great progress on this. He also resource guards high value items so this will need to be worked on in the home.
Chiko is nervous when it comes to meeting new people and reactive when first being introduced to a new dog. In both situations adopters should be prepared to practice slow and proper introductions

Knows sit, Knows other commands, House broken, Needs basic training, Leash reactivity, Barks outdoors, Nippy, Fearful, Walks on leash