Adult Dogs

The dogs featured on this page are currently available for adoption and are ages 1-6 years.

They call me: Tanya

Predicted Breed: Jack Russel terrier mix.
Sex: Spayed female.
Approximate Age: 2 years.
Weight: 14 Lbs.
Rescued from: Los Angeles area.
Likes: - Treats!!! This girl is very food motivated.  Being around her person all the time, walks, sleeping on couches and beds (she didn’t give me a choice as to whether I was allowing her on the couch or not. It was decided the second I fostered her) She loves laying with her little tennis ball. She will throw it up and toss it around herself.

Dislikes: Being alone. Telling her she can not eat my dogs' food after she just finished hers. She is not a fan of new dogs (this is typical of her breed- terriers can be more protective and jealous)
Ideal Home: Someone who is home more often than not. Detached home due to barking. Ideally, older kids due to her food drive she might not be tolerant of younger kids. A less dominant playmate might be ok and someone close in size. She would do best in a quieter home. She is lower energy but she is definitely happy to get out for walks and play. She loved running off-leash at a private dog park where it was just us.
Energy Level: Medium.
Experience with Kids: Age 12+, yes. 
Experience with cats: Unknown.
Medical Needs: None at this time.
Training Needs: She is great at using the bathroom outside (never had an accident inside). She is amazing on a leash and will walk alongside you. She needs to brush up on basic commands, although this will be easy because she is food motivated.

From Tanya's Foster: 

Tanya will transition well in just about any home. The best home for her will definitely be someone who doesn’t want the hassle of pee training her and someone who doesn’t want to spend more than 20 minutes a day exercising her. Tanya will definitely go for longer walks and loves her walks but she is an extremely adaptable dog. She is truly just happy to be whatever her human is doing. I work at home and you will find her curled up on the couch all day sleeping. She’ll occasionally get up and toss her ball around but she is not overly active. She has random spurts so as long as her new owners will throw her ball for her or walk her every day- she will be satisfied. She would also do great for a first-time dog owner as long as they are aware of her breed and how they can be territorial. Tanya would prefer a less dominant playmate. She would also like a home where she is allowed to sleep with them. She loves her comfy spaces! Other than that, Tanya is a great laid-back dog that will adapt well to her human and their schedules (if it doesn’t entail her being left alone much).

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