Adult Dogs

The dogs featured on this page are currently available for adoption and are ages 1-6 years.

They call me: Dalila

Predicted Breed: Chi mix. 
Sex: Spayed female. 
Approximate Age: 1 year.
Weight: 7 Lbs. 
Rescued from: Mexico.
Likes: Cuddling and being by your side all day.

Dislikes: She can be wary of new people. She may not have had the best experiences with people in the past. 
Ideal Home: She would do best in a quiet home. Preferably single family, or calmer patient children. Another dog would be okay preferably smaller and with a calmer/ lower energy temperament.
Energy Level: Low. 
Experience with Kids: Yes, okay.
Experience with cats: Unknown.
Medical Needs: She has a minor luxating patella. Seen by the vet and recommended it be re-checked when she is done growing. No other medical issues at this time.
Training Needs: Needs basic command training: sit, stay, come, etc.
- Barks sometimes when people pass by inside and outside.
- Has shown mild food aggression to other dogs over high-value treats. This has decreased since we have been rehabilitating her.

From Dalila's Foster: 

She is shy at first, but warms up quickly, and loves being around people. She prefers calmer dogs and once she warms up she is super playful and eager to please.
She walks well on the leash and uses the pee pads indoors which would be perfect for someone who lived in an apartment or condo! And she knows to go outside as well!
She is a very sweet loyal girl.

They call me: max & Clarita

Predicted Breed: Pug mix. 
Sex: Neutered and spayed, male and female. *Bonded pair. 
Approximate Age: 6 years old. 
Weight: 15 & 10 Lbs.
Rescued from: Mexico. 
Likes: Max and Clarita love to cuddle and going for walks and playing. They are both very friendly and will do almost anything for a treat. They also love their naps.

Dislikes: Didn’t love the super cold weather we just had in Calgary and preferred not to go out in it. We still put some coats on and went for short walks. Max doesn’t share his bone or treats and takes away these items from Clarita and other dogs.
Ideal Home: They don’t bark much and are super friendly so they will fit into most households. They do have a lot of energy so they need some way to burn that off either by running stairs or going out for walks. Typically they sleep most of the day and go into their kennel for that a well as overnight. Currently, they play with each other in the morning by wrestling and chasing each other around the house and go for a walk in the later afternoon, and maybe some more playing in the evening.
Energy Level: Medium.
Experience with Kids: Yes, Okay. 
Experience with cats: Unknown.
Medical Needs: None at this time.
Training Needs: They go to the bathroom first thing in the morning outside and then again in the evening. Clarita was nervous when she first came to our place and couldn’t decide on where to go outside. As a result, she would hold it as long a possible until she had an accident. Max typically goes right away outside. We make sure both go in the morning before we bring them back in to avoid accidents.
Max requires some training in terms of manners around food. He will jump up and help himself when the opportunity presents itself.
Both dogs are great on recall and come when called and don’t run away.

From Max & Clarita's Foster: 

Max and Clarita are very pug. They love to goof around and love affection. They love scratches and hugs and will curl up for a good nap as well. Clarita is a little protective of Max and barks at other dogs that come to say hello. Max loves to play and interact with other dogs. After about a week Clarita has gotten used to our other dog and now joins into the playing fun. The 2 get along really well and spend their days napping together and sleep together at night.
Max will need a little one on one training in terms of sitting and staying around food but on the flip side he will do anything for food, so he will always come when called. Both dogs go outside to use the bathroom and neither ‘Mark’.

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