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Adult Dogs

The dogs featured on this page are currently available for adoption and are ages 1-6 years.

My heart has melted into a poodle on the floor
They call me : Buddy

Predicted Breed: Poodle mix.
Sex: Neutered male.
Approximate Age: 5 year
Weight: 18 Lbs.
Rescued from: California
Likes: Buddy loves to cuddles and to snuggle when he naps. He loves to be outside and explore. He loves the car and he likes going for walks, sniffing everything along the way.
Dislikes: Buddy dislikes his back legs touched and has a fear of the stairs.
Ideal Home: Buddy would thrive in a bungalo style home. He is low energy so a senior home could be a good fit for him. We do not recommend Buddy go to a home with other dogs or small children. He would like for someone to be home more than away.

Detached home, Senior home, Left alone 2-4 hrs only
Energy Level: Low.
Experience with Kids: recommend only Children over 12 yrs
Experience with cats: Yes, do not recommend
Medical Needs: None
Training Needs: Buddy requires a slow and proper introduction to new people and dogs. Buddy also needs to work on his leash reactivity as he is quite fearful and will react when he sees another dog. Some confidence building would really help with this. He is making great progress on this but still needs to work on it.  Buddy feels uncomfortable being cornered and if he feels threatened he will give warnings but if pushed he could nip.

House broken, Barks indoors, Barks outdoors, Fearful, Walks on leash, Excitement Reactivity

From Buddy's Foster: 

Buddy is the sweetest boy. Very loving and likes nothing more than to hang out with his humans, go for car rides, and walks. Buddy spends his days cuddling and chilling with his human companions. He is just learning to play fetch and it is the most adorable thing in the world. Buddy can't wait to find his fur-ever home!

I love you furry much
They call me : Charlie

Predicted Breed: Chihuahua mix.
Sex: Spayed female
Approximate Age: 1 year
Weight: 27 Lbs.
Rescued from: Saskatoon, Sask.
Likes: Squeaky toys, friendly dogs, kids, playing fetch, wrestling, the vacuum.
Dislikes: Doesn't like her nails trimmed, popping sounds like nerf guns or bubble wrap
Ideal Home: Charlie would love a home with a back yard for her to run around and play in. She is high energy so a family that will keep her active and engaged. She would love another dog companion to play with. She does ok with children in the home but can be nervous sometimes with loud noises.

Detached home, Active home, Left alone 2-4 hrs only
Energy Level: High
Experience with Kids: Yes
Experience with cats: Yes
Medical Needs: None
Training Needs: Charlie still needs to work on her loose leash walking especially when she sees other dogs or people while out on a walk. She is working on this but will need to be worked on with her adopters. Charlie also sometimes will jump on you when she is excited but she is learning this is not a desired behavior and is eager to please. She is house trained but if left alone and needs to go she will use a pee pad.

Knows sit, Knows stay, Pee pad trained, House broken, Needs basic training, Barks indoors, Excitement Reactivity

From Charlie's Foster: 

Charlie is a very active dog, she would love a companion to play with all day, and loves to run. She likes to cuddle and will often show her belly to you. Charlie loves kids and animals, she wants to play with everyone she meets. She's happy to cuddle with you or to be near you after playtime.

Life's not ruff when you're around
They call me : Chiko

Predicted Breed: chihuahua mix.
Sex: neutered male
Approximate Age: 3 years
Weight: 18 Lbs.
Rescued from: California
Likes: Walks, treats, laying in the sun, puzzles, playing tug of war, sleeping
Dislikes: Strangers, waking up in the morning (he would happily sleep until noon if you let him) and having to put on boots in the winter.
Ideal Home: A home where he is the only dog and there are no children. Somewhere he can be the king of the castle. He likes to go for walks daily.
Due to Chiko's insecurities, we will not accept applications from adopters with children or dogs in the home.

Detached home, Active home, Left alone during work 8+ hrs
Energy Level: Medium
Experience with Kids: not recommended
Experience with cats: unknown
Medical Needs: Chiko is taking fluoxetine and gabapentin daily
Training Needs: Chiko is very treat motivated, but is still working on basic commands. He knows sit, look, and leave it, but will only do them when there is a treat involved. He is working on his reactivity while walking on a leash and is only reactive around other dogs, not people or cars.

Knows sit, Knows other commands, House broken, Needs basic training, Food aggression, Leash reactivity, Barks indoors, Barks outdoors, Nippy, Fearful, Protective, Walks on leash, Excitement Reactivity