The puppies featured on this page are currently available for adoption and are under the age of 12 months.

They call me: Buddy

Predicted Breed: Husky mix.
Sex: Neutered male. 
Approximate Age: 7 months.
Weight: 50lbs.
Rescued from: Saskatchewan reservation community. 
Likes: Very easy-going personality.

Dislikes: Doesn't enjoy car rides, fear of being in his crate. But gets comfortable with other dogs and can easily be trained. 
Ideal Home: A home with a yard, company, and a family or other pets. He loves meeting other dogs and being around people!  
Energy Level: Balanced. He can get excited and loves the attention but can easily be relaxed, just wants to play!
Experience with Kids: Lovely with kids, is a bit heavy so can knock over light children, or if he gets himself or them tangled in a leash. Puppy behavior!
Experience with cats: Not much experience, he still wants to chase squirrels, rabbits, cats, etc. I'm sure he can learn! 
Medical Needs:  None at this time. Very healthy and active pup. Super clean white teeth. Very healthy.
Training Needs: Has never had an accident indoors, so no potty training required! Will sit for a treat. Practicing normal training techniques that all dogs need at the beginning.

From Buddy's Foster: 

Great behavior for a puppy coming in at 6 months. Everyone who meets him is shocked by his personality. He does great with other dogs and kids, he just loves the attention and affection and will draw everyone in at the park. He loves to run and play and would make an excellent member of a family. Just look at his sweet eyes and that loving personality. The vet has predicted him to grow to about 100 lbs when fully grown. He is going to be a big boy, but a great one!

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