Hospice & Medical Needs Dogs

From time to time animals arrive in our care that are not able to be publicly adopted, one of our amazing fosters will commit to caring for these hospice dogs until their time comes to cross the rainbow bridge. Each animal has a rescue story and you can donate directly to one of our special cases as they go on their journey. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

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Braving the world together: Paulina and Natalia

When you love so much, you just can't leave your best friend behind.  Paulina and Natalia came to Fur-ever Homes Rescue as a bonded pair in early 2022.  Paulina has cancerous mammory gland tumors and other health concerns which prevent her adoption but the love of Natalia is keeping her strong.  Natalia is a healthy little girl who had a rough start but we can't bare to separate them as fear they couldn't live without each other.

This dynamic duo is living out their days together thanks to their amazing fosters, Presley and Logan. 

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Petunia and Natalia.jpg
Pawsitively living life: Lulu

So much life to live- Lulu is a 18 year old terrier mix, she was surrendered to FHR in 2019, for some time she needed a safe space to work on some confidence issues. 

Lulu is best described as a tom boy as she loves to roll around in animal smells, loves her bones and loves to chase bunnies an squirrels. Don’t be fooled though, Lulu is also as basic as it gets as she secretly loves pumpkin and absolutely loves to cuddle in a cozy blanket! Lulu is the type of dog who would run across the room just to have a seat next to you. 

Lulu is constantly proving to people around her that there is still lots of life to live despite what has happened to her in the past and despite her age! In fact, people are constantly amazed when they realize her age. 

Lulu had a big surgery in 2020 to remove several mammary gland tumors. This is a constant medical condition that needs to be monitored. Donations to Lulu would be greatly appreciated to help pay for medical bills to monitor her mammary gland and pay for her special food diet. 

If you would like to help with the cost of Lulu's medical needs, click to donate.

Bday girl.jpg
Full of free Cuddles : Peppermint

This little love bug is 12 years old and lives with her foster Mom & Dad after coming to us from a reserve in Saskatchewan in April 2021.  She has masses that need to be removed however due to her enlarged heart and enlarged liver the vets have determined it is to dangerous to put her under.  Her foster mom, Nikki, is helping Peppermint to enjoy what time she has left and showing her what it is to be loved.  This sweet pup enjoys her naps and going for walks.  Some of her favorite naps spots include the floor of the closet, on top of the shoes or curled up in the pillows on the bed.  She has slimmed down a bit with a new diet and is looking healthier.  Her neck bump is unchanged and she limps sometimes.  Somedays it is hard to believe she is so sick and other days it is more obvious.  

If you would like to help with the cost of Peppermint's medical needs, click to donate.

Lots of Love to Give : Petey

Petey came to us in December 2019 and soon we discovered he was not well enough to be adopted. He is a 10-ish year old yorkie who is blind and suffers from mini-strokes. He has a grade 3 heart murmur and is slowly going deaf as well. Petey has been a very happy addition to his foster family despite the amount of care that he needs. Petey's overall health has dramatically improved since Kylee started fostering him. He's gained some much needed weight and he is much more active now than he was when we previously.  In the summertime Petey loves wandering in the grass and exploring the yard. In the winter he tromps around in the snow until he's cold and then snuggles into his donut bed for a big snooze. His favourite game is "get you" where you touch his paw and he jumps around wagging his tail and barking at you. Petey is the sweetest little guy and we can't imagine our lives without him.  We are very grateful to his fur-ever foster Kylee for giving him a loving home in his last days.

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Enjoying the Canadian kindness : JiSoek

This tiny boy came all the way from Korea, he was rescued by a group there from a local shelter. He arrived in Canada in November 2018 where we sadly discovered that JiSoek has many medical issues. In the last year, JiSoek's arthritis has progressed and he now uses a wheelchair to get around as his back legs no longer work very well.  We are now managing his medical needs and thank his loving foster, Evi, for being dedicated to giving him many happy years. 

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The Journey Is Not Over Yet : Keewee

Kiwi was rescued March 2021.  He is 19 years old and is completely blind & deaf.   Special thanks to his Foster mom Leticia and her family where he is spending his final days.  He has the best life, sleeping on his favorite pillows, cuddling with the kittens, getting treats and amazing food from his humans. He tells us when he needs to go outside, and let’s us know when he wants to go inside. He may not be able to see or hear but his nose is on point

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Keewee 19 bday.jpg
I knew I was Loved.
Soggy sticks, fraying balls, muddy paths and waterfalls
Gentle walks, smiling folks, silly games and soothing strokes
Open fires, country pubs, special treats and tummy rubs
Sofa days, hairy rugs, sloppy kisses and warm hugs
These I miss, and your call
But your love most of all.

Thank you to our special fosters for loving these precious souls and giving them a home before they crossed the rainbow bridge where they are now healthy, happy and running free.
Crossed the Rainbow bridge: Baron

Rescued October 2018.  

Crossed the rainbow bridge April 2022

Crossed the rainbow bridge: Pedro

Pedro was rescued in 2019 

Crossed the rainbow bridge in 2021

Crosses the Rainbow Bridge: Clarissa

Clarissa was rescued in January 2022.

Crossed the rainbow bridge March 2022


crossed the rainbow bridge : Marlena

Marlena was rescued December 2020
Crossed the rainbow bridge March 2021

crossed the rainbow bridge : Lovely

Lovely was rescued June 2021
Crossed the rainbow bridge August 2021

crossed the rainbow bridge : Daisy

Daisy was rescued January 2021
Crossed the rainbow bridge August 2021

crossed the rainbow bridge : Winston

Winston was rescued August 2018 

Crossed the rainbow bridge August 2020 

crossed the rainbow bridge : Dottie

Dottie was rescued April 2017
Crossed the rainbow bridge November 2019

crossed the rainbow bridge : Candy

Candy was rescued April 2017
Crossed the rainbow bridge May 2019

crossed the rainbow bridge : Peanut

Peanut was rescued August 2012
Crossed the rainbow bridge November 2015