Senior Dogs

The dogs featured on this page are currently available for adoption and are ages 7+ years.

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They call me : Bunny and Petunia (Tula)

Predicted Breed: Chihuahua Terrier mix.
Sex: Spayed females
Approximate Age: 7 Years
Weight: 10 lbs & 14 lbs
Rescued from: California
Likes: Spending time exploring and playing with each other in a fenced backyard and sunbathing on the couch by a window.
Once we get to know you we like pets, scratches and cuddles from our people. We also enjoy spending time grooming and cuddling each other. We like going for walks on a short lead where we know our owner will navigate and keep us safe. While we aren't food motivated when we're feeling scared we both like treats and chewing on bones when we feel calm.
At night we like sleeping in our kennel together so we'd prefer one large kennel instead of two small ones.

Dislikes: Being out of sight from each other for too long, although we do sometimes explore within the house separately when we're feeling brave or curious. We don't like sudden movements or loud noises but as we get to know you we get frightened less easily by your day-to-day movements.
We aren't keen on meeting strange dogs or people, especially when we're out on a walk. We would likely find an off leash dog park very scary - at least for now!
Ideal Home: Our ideal home would be a place that is calm, likely not a house with young children that are loud or excitable. We'd love a home with a fenced backyard to play in that doesn't have any easy ways to escape.
We also like laying in the sun by a window and comfy places to relax like a couch, blanket, or dog bed
Energy Level: Medium.
Experience with Kids: Unknown.
Experience with cats: Yes
Medical Needs: None at this time.
Training Needs: Bunny knows her name and will often come when called. Petunia has mostly been called "Tula" and knows her name but does not come when she's called.
They are both potty trained and know to go to the washroom outside. They have had a couple accidents in the past but they are very uncommon now as long as they're allowed outside every few hours.
They are not destructive and do not chew on things they shouldn't. They understand the word "no" and will stop what they are doing if told "no".
They do not know basic commands like sit, lay down, or stay. Once they have time to get comfortable in their new home they should be able to learn with high value treats (bits of chicken breast have been a favourite).
They have both been on walks. Bunny is well behaved and keeps up on a short lead and Tula is getting there. They are fearful of other dogs and people on walks and will take some patience to become more confident and comfortable in various situations.
Bunny never barks but Tula can bark when she is scared or if she sees something interesting through the window. Tula will stop barking out the window if told no and she doesn't bark often.
They are both crate trained and will sleep through the night as long as they get a potty break before bed and get to go out in the morning.

From Bunny and Petunia's Foster: 

These two girls are the sweetest dogs! They have unique personalities and really look out for each other. They make progress every day in their development that is exciting and rewarding to watch. They accept cuddles and even kisses on the head now from their foster parents if we don't sneak up on them. They get better and braver at walks every time we take them out.
Bunny is the more outgoing one of the two and is usually the first to explore a new space. Tula has big expressive eyes that she uses to communicate and ask for pets. They will both give us little kisses on our hands that show they are comfortable and appreciative of our patience.
They are good with our cats, mostly ignoring them or staying out of their way. One of our cats often chooses to lay with them and will go up to give them a sniff.
It will take time for them to feel comfortable in a new household but they will be sure to melt your hearts with each step forward as they learn to love and trust you.