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Pamper me and call me your prince
They call me : Prince

Predicted Breed: Pomeranian mix.
Sex: Neutered male.
Approximate Age: 10 years
Weight: 7 Lbs.
Rescued from: California
Likes: Sleeping on soft, fluffy blankets, Belly rubs, Treats, Cuddles, and going on little walks
Dislikes: Being alone or away from his people, being bugged by other dogs/cats
Ideal Home: Prince would be a good dog for a senior or a family who spends most their time at home with him. He is very small and gets under your feet so a home without children would be best for him. He will cry when left alone so a detached home is required. He is fine around cats, doesn't care much for active playful dogs.

Detached home, Senior home, Quiet home, Left alone 2-4 hrs only
Energy Level: Low
Experience with Kids: No kids recommended
Experience with cats: Yes
Medical Needs: Grade 2 heart murmur, grade 2 luxating patellas in both knees, lesions on spine will need ongoing physio, pain medication and adopters should monitor
Training Needs: Prince is food motivated so this will help with basic training. He can have some separation anxiety and wants to always be in the same room as you so adopters should be prepared to work on this.

House trained, Needs basic training, Crate trained, Barks indoors, Walks on leash

From Prince's Foster: 

Prince is an absolute little prince! He is a sweet, cuddly puffball that loves being part of the action. He loves cuddling & receiving belly rubs & sleeping on the bed at night. He doesn't really play with toys but will get excited when you play with his toes. He will definitely let you know when it's time for dinner, he loves to eat!! Prince is a total sweetheart & we have loved fostering him.

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Fur-real Cape Crusader!
They call me : Batman

Predicted Breed: Chihuahua mix.
Sex: Neutered male.
Approximate Age: 6 year
Weight: 10 Lbs.
Rescued from: California
Likes: Batman enjoys chewing on sticks and bones, he is a blanket-digging enthusiast, and loves cuddling and being close to his person.

Dislikes: Being separated from people when he knows their around. Being in a kennel.
Ideal Home: Batman, is a somewhat nervous pup, he thrives with the companionship of a confident dog. A patient and calm environment is essential for him to grow and feel secure. Batman is happiest in a family home where he won't be left alone for extended periods, ensuring he receives the attention and support he needs to flourish. Batman requires a detached home with a fenced yard.  Due to his insecurities, we will only consider potential adopters within Calgary.

Detached home, Condo, Quiet home, Left alone 2-4 hrs only

Energy Level: Low-medium.
Experience with Kids: recommend only Children over 12 yrs
Experience with cats: yes
Medical Needs: Batman has a grade 1 heart murmur, a mild condition that often doesn't impact his overall health. Regular veterinary monitoring is recommended.
Training Needs: Batman, while initially nervous with new people or situations, responds well to slow and proper introductions. Patience is key, especially during walks where he may be uneasy around loud noises. Basic training and the presence of a confident dog companion will greatly benefit Batman, aiding in his confidence-building journey. He walks on a leash but may exhibit excitement reactivity. Considerate and patient adopters are ideal for helping Batman thrive.

Needs basic training, Shy, Fearful, Walks on leash, Excitement Reactivity

From Batman's Foster: 

Batman is an affectionate companion who sticks close to his person. His joy shines through in his playful interactions, including his newfound interest in chewing sticks and exploring toys. While initially nervous, Batman is making great strides in adapting to the joys of being a happy house dog.

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