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They call me: Rainbow

Predicted Breed: Domestic short hair. 
Sex: * Soon to be Spayed, female. 
Approximate Age: 1 year. 
Weight: 8 Lbs. 
Rescued from
Likes: Sleeping on perches, watching the birds from a window while they freak out, stalking our dogs like they're prey.

Dislikes: Will tolerate dogs but not a huge fan per se. 
Ideal Home: Rainbow would do well in almost any home. She is extremely low maintenance, gets along with dogs and kids (she doesn't like either dogs or kids per se, but she tolerates them!) She is not super affectionate so she could be left for long periods, but she puts up with our busy house where we are home all day with no problem.
Energy Level: Low-Medium.
Experience with Kids: Yes, okay.
Experience with cats: Yes, okay.
Medical Needs: Rainbow will be spayed on July 7th.
Training Needs: Rainbow is litter box trained, and while she'll sometimes try to get outside she's not a bolter so it's pretty easy to keep her in, even with inattentive kids about.

From Rainbow's Foster: 

Rainbow is a very beautiful, small cat with strawberry blonde coloring and green eyes. When she came to us she had just finished nursing her six kittens. She is very independent and low maintenance. She makes my day jumping up on my desk in the middle of meetings, accepting pets from my kids, or trying to decide whether to play with my overly enthusiastic chihuahua. Left to her own devices I think she'd most like to nap undisturbed in my office chair, before waking up to see if she's been offered anything new or interesting to eat. The typical cat that way :) We have really enjoyed fostering Rainbow and our house will be a little less elegant when she goes.