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The cats and kittens featured on this page are currently available for adoption.

They call me: Cupcake

Predicted Breed: Domestic short hair.
Sex: * Soon to be (Spayed) female.
Approximate Age: 1 Year.
Weight: 5 Lbs. 
Rescued from
Saskatchewan reservation community.
Likes: All people, kids, cats & dogs, even ones that are scared of or not friendly to her, she still goes to bump her head up against them. Attention and pats/neck scratches. Playing/roughhousing with her kitten. Exploring the house. Watching out the window and being outside in our cat cage. Chatting, she does a lot of quiet talking, not really meowing. She is a very tolerant and gentle cat and has no issues with people handling her kitten.

Dislikes: She doesn't love being confined in a room, she would like to be with her people and exploring, but tolerates it.
Ideal Home: I think she would be adaptable to any home, would appreciate other friendly animals. Her sweet little kitten Pebbles is also available for adoption.
Energy Level: Average.
Experience with Kids: Yes, fine. 
Experience with cats: Yes, fine. 
Medical Needs: None at this time.
Training Needs: Fully litter box trained, needs a scratching post and if that is available she uses it and leaves furniture and carpet alone, needs more training to consistently stay off counters/tables, and not try to get out the door when opened. She comes when called.

From Cupcake's Foster: 

Cupcake is such a sweet little momma. She has a lovely personality and beautiful yellow eyes. She settled in immediately into our family with young children, a fearful small dog, and a grumpy old cat and I think will adapt well to any home.

They call me: Pebbles

Predicted Breed: Domestic short hair.

Sex: * Soon to be (Neutered) male.

Approximate Age: 9 weeks.

Weight: 1.5 Lbs. 

Rescued fromSaskatchewan reservation community.
Likes: Pebbles is a teeny bundle of energy. He loves to play play play, chasing toys, play fighting with his mom and a stuffed fox dog toy, sneaking up and pouncing on the dog, climbing all over our cat tower, watching out the window, playing with every toy, running fast and exploring everything. Does an adorable teeny growl at his toys. Playing in the outdoor cage and cuddling with his mom. He is good at being picked up, held, and patted but doesn't stay still for long.

Dislikes: He gets upset and meows if he can't find his mom after a little while. Does not like to be held in one place for long, he wants to keep playing, so will scratch unintentionally to break free. He is a bit scared and does the back arch around our grumpy old cat since she growled at him.
Ideal Home: As a kitten, he will be very adaptable, he has always been with is mom Cupcake thus far. She is also up for adoption. He cries if put in a room by himself so a companion/playmate would be best.
Energy Level: Medium.
Experience with Kids: Yes, fine. 
Experience with cats: Yes, fine. 
Medical Needs: None at this time.
Training Needs: He is litter box trained, but is kept fairly close to his litterbox at this young age. Currently transitioning to solid food.

From PEbbles Foster: 

Pebbles is the cutest and busiest little grey ball of kitten fluff. He would do best with a companion animal and people that will help him burn off some of that limitless playful energy.

They call me: Sabrina

Predicted Breed: Domestic short hair. 
Sex: Spayed female
Approximate Age: 12 weeks. 
Weight: 5 lbs. 
Rescued from: Saskatchewan. 
Likes: Playing with other kittens, exploring the house, jumping up onto high things, knocking things off of shelves, head scratches, and cuddles. Teasing the dog.

Dislikes: Being told to get off of counters and tables. 
Ideal Home: At her age, Sabrina will be able to adapt to any home. Her experience with small children is minimal but she has been sweet with everyone.
Energy Level: High.
Experience with Kids: Yes, ok. 
Experience with cats: Yes, ok. 
Medical Needs: None at this time.
Training Needs: Sabrina is learning to stay off of kitchen counters and tables. She already uses the litter religiously.

From Sabrina's Foster: 

Sabrina is a joy and delight to have in our home. She is one of two kittens we have and the two spend a lot of time playing and exploring, as well as sleeping together. She is sweet, loves to cuddle, on her own terms, and is very playful with everyone, including the dog. Our dog, Nikky, loves to play with her but it took a bit to warm up to him.

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