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They call me : Charlie

Sex: Neutered male.
Approximate Age: 1.5 years
Weight: 12 Lbs.
Likes: Food, toys, Adores his cat tree, food, midnight zoomies, food, treats, chin rubs cheek scratches and being in the same room with the humans. Did I mention food?
Dislikes: petting when not in the mood.  loud noises
Ideal Home: Charlie would do well with a family with kids as long as they are cat educated kids.
Energy Level: high.
Experience with Kids: yes
Experience with dogs: yes
Medical Needs: had ear drops for 10 days.  no other needs
Training Needs: I give Charlie a treat when I pet him as he thinks petting means play and he wants to bite. With the treat he is learning to enjoy pets. He also knows what no means.  He is shy


From Charlie's Foster: 

Charlie is a soft, fluffy, beautiful cat with eyes that match his fur. He is very sweet and his favorite thing is his giant cat tree. He loves kids because they will play with him and he might do well with another cat because he loves to pounce on anything that moves. He will come to his name being called and if you shake a treat bag he appears like magic. He takes his time to trust, but he loves to be near his people. He is very clean and has perfect litter training but I suggest a cover for his litter box because he loves to toss the litter every where when using it. He can't wait for his food and tries to eat at the same time you are filling his bowl. He will thump my dog Homer on his head if Homer is being rude, but doesn't hiss or use his claws.