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Available Cats and Kittens

The cats and kittens featured on this page are currently available for adoption.


If any animal is not listed on our website that means they are not available for adoption, please check back as we update our website weekly. 

We currently have no cats/kittens
available for adoption
Kitty kisses and coffee = the Purrrfect morning
They call me : Butters

Sex: Neutered male.
Approximate Age: 1 year
Weight: 6 Lbs.
Likes: Butters loves food, toys, cat tree, other cats and dogs, treats, catnip, snuggles, skritches and sleeping in the sun and playing.
Dislikes: Being disciplined
Ideal Home: Butters would love a home that will give him lots of attention and love. He really loves to play and gets along with other animals in the home but he does play a little bit more rough with the other cats in the home. Butters LOVES dogs and wants to be around them all the time so he would really enjoy a home with other animals

Attached home, Detached home, Condo, Family with kids home, Active home, Left alone during work 8+ hrs
Energy Level: High
Experience with Kids: yes.
Experience with cats: yes
Medical Needs: Butters does have a bit of a limp from a previous injury
Training Needs: Butters still needs some work on staying off the counters and such. He is food obsessed and will try to get food anywhere he can find it so adopters will want to work on his basic manners.

House trained, Needs basic training

From Butters's Foster: 

Juvenile delinquent looking to join a party frat house or a non-judgemental family. Butters the Brat is the quirkiest kitty you will ever meet. Everything is a toy and everything is a good time for this rescued little boy. The goofy wobble as he walks with attitude like a runway model, the chirping call to come play, and the race to beat you to any room you are headed for, are all part his charm. The little magpie will sneak off with your keys, your nail file, pens and pencils, paper clips, and even your phone, and beware,he can crack any password. He adores dogs and always looks for a good wrestling match if they are game, and sometimes even if they aren't game. He is great with other cats as well but would not pair well with a timid cat because they are so much fun to pick on. He is looking for an active family and especially loves cat savvy children because they like to play and tell fart jokes, his two favorite things. He will also take a single person or couple who will worship him because he is an equal opportunity feline.

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