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Adoption Policies

Thank you for considering adoption from Fur-Ever Homes Rescue (FHR). Our adoption policies are essential in ensuring the well-being of our animals and helping our volunteers find the best possible homes for each one. Please carefully review these policies, as failure to comply may result in the denial of your application. It's important to note that adoptions are not on a first-come, first-serve basis; instead, we prioritize finding the best match for both the animal and the adopters.


Applicant History:

- has no previous history of breeding or selling animals for profit.

- has no previous history of surrendering an animal to a shelter or re-homing.

Age Requirement:

- An applicant under the age of 21 requires a parent/guardian to fill out the application. If approved to adopt, the parent/guardian will also be responsible for the day to day care, financial and medical needs of the dog.

Rental Approval: 

- Applicants renting must have a letter of approval from the landlord and condo approval letter from the condo board.

Location-Based Policies: 

- Based on location of the applicant, we follow all bylaws on pet limits in households.  Proof of registration for all pets in the home may be required.

Other Animals in the Home:

Other animals in the home must be spay/neutered & up to date on vaccines including rabies. FHR has a limit of 6 pets maximum in a household which includes cats, dogs, and other pets such as birds, reptiles and amphibians. Each and every pet requires a level of vet care and maintenance. Animals must be housed indoors with family members, with no heated garages or outdoor enclosures. Animals must have access to food and water throughout the day. Animals must be provided with a safe place to relax/retreat, such as a crate.

​​Time Alone for Dogs:

Adult dogs are not left alone for more than 10+ hours, and puppies are not left alone for longer than 4 hours to ensure proper socialization.


All FHR animals, including puppies and kittens, will be spayed/neutered.

Adoption Process:

All household members must be present at an adoption, including out of town adopters. Other dogs in the home are required to meet the new dog prior to approval of the application. We do not ship dogs; adopters are required to meet the dogs in their foster homes in Calgary.

Home Checks:

Home checks are required for special needs dogs, those deemed fearful beyond the normal spectrum, or at any other time the rescue deems it necessary.

Special Considerations:

We do not do out-of-country adoptions. We do not adopt two dogs at the same time unless they are a bonded pair.

Thank you for your understanding and commitment to these policies. Your cooperation helps us ensure a safe and loving home for our rescue animals

Cost of Adopting 

Many people may not be aware of the costs involved in rescuing animals or preparing them for adoption. Depending on the origin of the animal (local or international) each will receive medical attention such as vet check-up, deworming, neuter/spay, vaccinations and other medical treatments the animal may require

We strive to keep our fees as low as possible while continuing to run our rescue. With the increasing challenges of rescuing animals during the pandemic the costs continue to rise, but the need to rescue is more urgent than ever as many pet owners surrender their animals due to financial struggle or illness. 

                                         FHR adoption fees:

Local Dogs/Puppies $400-$800

Adoption Fee Covers;

  • Transportation

  • Boarding 

  • Spay/Neuter (all Dogs/Puppies) 

  • Basic vaccinations (to date of adoption) DAPP & Rabies 

  • Deworming & Parasite Treatment 

  • Specialized treatments, dentals, hernia's, injuries and more

International dogs/Puppies $500-$950
Adoption Fee Covers;

  • Transportation

  • Boarding 

  • Flight to Canada

  • Import fees at the airport

  • Health Certificate from Veterinarian (International Animals ONLY)  

  • Spay/Neuter (all Dogs/Puppies) 

  • Basic vaccinations (to date of adoption) DAPP & Rabies 

  • Deworming & Parasite Treatment 

  • Specialized treatments such as dentals, hernia's, injuries and more

The adoption fee is considered a donation and is intended to cover the cost of rescuing and preparing each animal for adoption.


Unfortunately because the cost of rescuing the animal in most cases exceeds the adoption fee we are unable to issue tax receipts for adoption fees.    

Method of Payment
  • We accept all forms of online payment when adopting from a foster home, EMT to preferred. 

  • We accept cash or credit card only at adoption events.

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