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Foster Homes Requirements & Policies

Become a Volunteer Foster Parent

Our rescue is made up of a team of foster homes, we have no shelter and believe dogs will be best prepared for their adoptive homes in a family/home setting. This also allows our dogs the opportunity to adjust to living in a home with other pets and children. 

Because of our commitment foster homes we are able to rescue many dogs each year while the rescue searching for the best adoptive homes.

Foster Homes Requirements 

These requirements/policies are enforced to ensure the happiness and well-being of the dogs in our care

  • All other household pets must be spayed/neutered and up to date on vaccinations including Bordetella

  • Household limit of 6 pets maximum including the foster dog (within Calgary) Foster outside of Calgary are limited to 3 pets per home including the foster dog. 

  • Animals must not be left unattended for any long periods of time (never longer than 9 hours)

  • Animals must have access to food and fresh water throughout the day

  • Animals must be provided with a safe place to relax/retreat such as a crate

  • Animals must be wearing identification at all times and are not to be left unattended in any public area 

  • If you are renting you must have a letter of approval from your landlord and if you live in a condo you must have an approval letter from your condo board

Foster Home Adoptions 
  • Only pre-approved adopters will be able to visit a dog in foster. Their application will be forwarded to the foster coordinator/foster in order to arrange a visit. 

  • All input about possible adopters will be taken into consideration but the final decision must come from an FHR volunteer.

  • If there is a disagreement between the foster parent and the rescue there will be a 24 hour holding period.

  • If a potential adopter wishes to adopt the dog, they are required to sign an additional Adoption Agreement which can be printed off and signed. 

  • Fosters are required to drop off the form and adoption fee to the rescue or at an event within 7 days of adoption. 

  • If a foster wishes to adopt their foster dog, they are asked to finalize this adoption prior to the next scheduled event. This will ensure the dog does not miss the opportunity to meet other potential adopters. 

  • If the foster wants to adopt, they must finalize the adoption paperwork with an FHR volunteer at the next scheduled event. 

Foster Policies 
  • The Foster Coordinator has full authority to make decisions about the well-being and medical care of our dogs. This is your first point of contact. 

  • If the foster dog becomes ill and needs medical attention you must contact the Foster Coordinator to arrange for a vet visit. DO NOT attend an event for the safety and well being of other dogs and the public.

  • In an emergency we ask the foster to contact the Foster Coordinator. If they are not able to reach the Foster Coordinator, the Foster is authorized to take the dog to our approved clinics.

  • If a dog is experiencing any distress and a FHR volunteer cannot be contacted for authorization, the foster may take the dog to Oakridge Animal Clinic during regular business hours or FOR EMERGENCIES and after hour care to McKnight 24 Hour Clinic.

  • In the rare situation that neither of our approved clinics are open or cannot see the foster dog – foster is then authorized to take them to any clinic for immediate attention.

  • Fosters are required to bring dogs to at least two adoption events per month.

  • Fosters are required to leave their contact information with the event volunteers. If the dog is adopted, the foster will be contacted. 

  • Staying with the foster dog at the event is ideal but not required. This will give potential adopters the opportunity to ask questions and get more accurate information regarding the temperament of the animal. 

  • The foster will do everything in their power to keep the foster dog in their possession until the foster is adopted.

  • Foster is required to be available to correspond with the Foster Coordinator and potential adopters.

  • If FHR is requesting the return of the dog, arrangements must be made within 24 hours with the rescue. 

  • In order to be a foster with our rescue, fosters are not allowed to foster with other animal rescue organizations. 

  • Based on location of foster, we follow all bylaws on pet limits in households. We may require proof of registration at time of application for all pets in the home.

  • FHR does NOT offer a "Foster to Adopt" program, nor do we allow in home trails with the dogs. 

If you are interested in fostering please fill out the Foster Application


Q. How long is the commitment to foster?
Depending on the situation, some dogs are adopted in days and others require more time to adjust to the home environment. We will do our best to match a dog that works with foster availability, but we cannot predict how long a dog will be in foster. There are many things a foster can do to promote their foster, including taking them to more adoption events, dog park, friends' and families' homes, and even to work. 

Q. What is provided to the foster?
Our rescue will provide you will the essentials in order to care for the animal, including animal identification, collar, leash/harness, crate and food. Note that crate and food will only be provided upon request. 

Q. What if the dog gets sick, will I have to pay?
Our rescue has an account at specific vet clinics, and for emergencies only, McKnight 24 hour clinic. Fosters can take dogs to these clinics with authorization and there will be no expense to the foster. 

Q. What if I want to adopt my foster dog? 
Fosters sometimes decide to keep their foster animal. We ask that this decision is made before the next adoption event.  Fosters are still required to fill out the online adoption application. 

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