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It's the little things in life... like me :)
They call me : Rico

Predicted Breed: Chihuahua mix.
Sex: Neutered male.
Approximate Age: 6 year
Weight: 10 Lbs.
Rescued from: Local surrender
Likes: Rico loves food, walks and his person. He has become really attached to me and prefers me to anyone else. He is so cute and funny and spins around with excitement when you get home. He makes lots of different noises like mumbling and grumbling and snorting. He is such a goofball and loves his toys.
Dislikes: He does not like strangers or anyone coming to the front door. I believe with training his barking at the door can improve. He doesn’t love other dogs but we have only seen him around a larger dog who’s excited tail hits him in the face.
Ideal Home: An ideal home for Rico would be a no dog home with a female owner. He is not afraid of men but definitely prefers females over males. He is low energy but still enjoys his daily walks and his play time.

Attached home, Detached home, Condo, Quiet home, Left alone during work 8+ hrs
Energy Level: Low
Experience with Kids: No kids recommended
Experience with cats: Yes
Medical Needs: None
Training Needs: Rico will need a slow and proper introduction to new people. He will initially take some time to warm up to his new family but once he does he becomes the most amazing pup. He is under socialized with other dogs so this will need to be worked on with him and needs to be done correctly, likely he would do better around calmer dogs. Rico should not be around children or should be very carefully monitored around children as he has some trauma around them and doesn't react well to them in his space. Rico does resource guard his bed.

Knows other commands, Pee pad trained, House broken, Bed/couch aggression, Crate trained, Nippy, Shy, Fearful, Protective, Walks on leash

From rico's Foster: 

Rico is such a sweet boy. He is a bit slow to trust but once he decides you are one of his people he will be by your side forever. He loves to cuddle and have head scratches. He will play fetch with his toys and sometimes you’ll catch him growling and playing on his own with his favorite ones. Rico walks on a leash perfectly and doesn’t pull or show any leash reactivity. He is crate trained and will run right in if you ask him to. He is a special boy who will thrive in a quieter home.

I didn't think love at first sight was paw-sible until I met you
They call me : Jack

Predicted Breed: Chihuahua mix.
Sex: Neutered male.
Approximate Age: 3 year
Weight: 10 Lbs.
Rescued from: Los Cabos, Mexico
Likes: Jack likes carpets and rugs to run and play on. He loves treats and food. He loves to play wrestle with your hands and is very gentle with them. He likes to secretly play with toys when no one is watching. He loves being outside and going for walks. He likes snuggling and giving kisses.
Dislikes: Jack does not like slippery hard floors, he's learning to walk on them but he's still very hesitant. He doesn't like being picked up but he will allow it. He doesn't like dogs that come on too strong.
Ideal Home: Jack's ideal home would be a family that will take him for his daily walks and build on his confidence. He would LOVE a home with more carpet then hard wood floors. His ideal family would be home lots to spend time with him. We don't know how he would do with cats and we recommend a home with older children or no children.

Attached home, Detached home, Condo, Quiet home, Left alone 2-4 hrs only
Energy Level: Medium.
Experience with Kids: recommend only Children over 12 yrs
Experience with cats: Unknown.
Medical Needs: Jack has grade 2 luxating patellas in both back legs. He is not in pain but should be monitored for possible future care.
Training Needs: Jack has come a long way since he first arrived and is making good progress but will still need work on basic training. He is still having a few accidents in the home so this will need to be worked on with adopters. Jack will mark occasionally as well if given the opportunity. Jack can be shy and may require a slow intro to new people.

Needs basic training, Crate trained, Marks indoors, Shy, Walks on leash

From Jack's Foster: 

Since arriving in Canada, Jack has transformed from an exceptionally timid and shy pup to his happy-go-lucky self. He's a perfect little shadow that just wants to be near his people to see what they're up to, and he'll bravely cross an ocean of hardwood floor just to do that. He loves to play wrestle and chase your hand, but when he catches it he has no idea what to do, so he gives it kisses instead. He's proven himself to be very kind and gentle around other dogs and new people. Once he knows that he can trust you, he'll gaze longingly into your eyes for an awkward amount of time and then bury his face into your arms for his version of a cuddle. He's such a joy to have around, and a great couch companion.

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