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Wag more, bark less
They call me : Fernanda

Predicted Breed: Pug mix.
Sex: spayed female
Approximate Age: 2 years
Weight: 17 Lbs.
Rescued from: Los Cabos, Mexico
Likes: Hi friends! I’m Fernanda! I love to snuggle. Snuggling on the couch by myself, with my foster pup-siblings, and humans in the home… I’m not picky! Love going on walks, watching the wildlife out the window, and food!
Dislikes: I don't enjoy when other pups are near my food.
Ideal Home: I would do best in a home with lots of love! I am great with other pups or on my own. I am confident and content. I do like to bark when I see animals or people walking by, but not a huge amount, so a detached home would be better for me.

Detached home, Family with kids home, Active home, Left alone 2-4 hrs only
Energy Level: Low - Medium
Experience with Kids: yes
Experience with cats: unknown
Medical Needs: Fernanda was found to have an ovary and some uterine tissue remaining. If any signs of going into heat are observed, she will need to be spayed again, however we do not want to put her through another surgical procedure if unnecessary.
Training Needs: I am a smart gal who caught onto potty trained very quickly! I love going out for walks and exploring in the yard. I do have some resource guarding around my food so my new family will need to work on this.

Pee pad trained, House broken, Food aggression, Barks indoors, Walks on leash

From Fernanda's Foster: 

I am quite the little snuggle-bean who can often be found in a cuddle puddle with my brothers and sisters! I love to hop with excitement in the morning when I see my foster mom for the first time each day and will run in circles when I know mealtime is coming up! My foster mom tells me she loves me and how adorable I am all the time! She says I am going to make a family very happy one day! Is that family you???

Sometimes they call me "getbackhere"
They call me : Chuck

Predicted Breed: pug mix.
neutered male
Approximate Age: 10
Weight: 8 Lbs.
Rescued from: California
Likes: Chuck loves to cuddle, play with his toys, enjoys walks. He is a very happy go lucky guy.
Dislikes: Chuck is nervous around new people and takes longer to warm up to men. he gets quite nervous when people are nearby while out for walks but he is getting more confident day by day.
Ideal Home: Chuck is a super easy going boy. He does require a good amount of exercise, training, and stimulation as he is a pup still so an active home would suit him. He does really enjoy playing and wrestling with other pups so if he had a playmate that would be great for him as well.
Chuck can be loud when you leave him alone so we will only accept applications from adopters that live in detached housing and are home more than gone.

Detached home, Active home, Left alone 2-4 hrs only

Energy Level: Medium
Experience with Kids: unknown
Experience with cats: Yes
Medical Needs: None

Training Needs: Chuck is still learning basic commands but he is very willing to please and he is a fast learner. He is potty trained and happy to go outside. He does get quite attached and will follow you everywhere you go and will get upset when he can’t see or go with you especially if he is left in his crate alone. He does have some separation anxiety to work on - this looks like barking and crying when you leave but he will settle.
Chuck can be nervous at first when meeting new people especially men but will warm up after a proper introduction. This will need to be worked on with adopters.

Knows sit, House broken, Needs basic training, Separation anxiety, Shy, Chews, Walks on leash

FHR Puppies are NOT to be left alone for longer than 2-4 hours at a time.  


From Chuck's Foster: 

Chuck is a lovely pup. He is very loyal and cuddly. He learns and listens quite well. With some basic obedience training and Regular exercise he will be a wonderful pup.

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