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Community Programs

Part of our mission as a community organization is to provide assistance to those that are less fortunate. We have the best interest of all animals in the forefront and are 100% dedicated to making a difference. If you or someone you know would benefit from our programs please contact us. 

spay/neuter program

Every year unplanned and unwanted litters create millions of homeless animals. We believe spaying & neutering will reduce the number of unwanted pet left in shelters. 

We understand that owning a pet is costly and part of being a responsible pet owner requires all animals to be spay/neutered. We offer a no cost spay/neuter program to families wishing to spay/neuter their animals but are unable to afford the cost. 

This program is part of FHR initiative to reduce the number of animals that end up in shelters and are then euthanized due to overpopulation. 

Fur-ever Homes is dedicated to helping reduce the number of displaced animals. As part of our initiative we are dedicated to helping families wanting to spay/neuter their pets but are not financially able.

This program is intended for low income families. 


Pet Food Program (Calgary area only)

Fur-ever Homes is dedicated to helping the community by providing dog food to low-income families or those falling on hard times. Every pet deserves a healthy diet. 

As part of our efforts to support our local community,  we believe that every animal deserves access to the basics needs to remain happy and healthy. We understand that pets are like family and maintaining the health of your pet is a priority. We also understand families fall on hard times, and we would like to be there to support their pets in these homes. 

Fur-ever Homes Rescue relies on donations from pet stores, pet food distributors and the general public. First we must be able to provide food to all of our foster homes and any surplus will be allocated to the pet food assistance program. 

Our Pet Food Assistance Program is only available in the Calgary area and works in conjunction with our ongoing education of responsible pet ownership which includes spay/neuter of all animals in the home. This programs is intended for those individuals falling on hard times, for this reason we are only able to provide food to a family 2 times per year.  

If you are in need, please fill out the request form.


Free Spay/Neuter Programs in Calgary:

City of Calgary:

Meow Foundation:

Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force:

Each year FHR donates hundreds of pounds of dog food to the local food bank and members of our community. 


Other Helpful Links;

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